Vegan Pride

When we talk about veganism, we usually mean a diet without any animal products. But the true vegan chooses their accessories, cosmetics and fashion items according to the same principle.

Vegan leather? But how?

You love leather shoes and bags, but wish to remain animal friendly? At first glance, vegan leather seems like the saving grace: it is supposed to be eco-friendly and respects animal rights. However, with some research, it is easy to see that the case is not so simple. The so-called vegan leather is made from several kinds of synthetic materials: it is basically plastic. The production process of these materials can be very harmful to the environment (you know, where animals – and also humans – are living). And by using and producing synthetic materials, we are creating even more waste. You can read lot more about this topic in this eye-opening article by Jody McCutcheon.

So, let’s just skip the items made of vegan leather – even if Etsy, just like the whole fashion industry, is full with them. But we don’t need to despair, there are real alternatives out there for substituting leather: for example this bag mad of cork! 100% eco-friendly and vegan. Clever, isn’t it?

Treat yourself

Vegan cosmetics is almost the same as vegan food: the main point is the omission of animal products. You can find an abundance of nice, vegan cosmetics on Etsy. Look, here is one for her and one for him!

Make your own

You are not only using, but also producing vegan stuff? Here are some good ideas how you can promote and brand your vegan products, should them be cheese, cookies, or anything else to eat with a fork.

 Show your pride

If you are vegan and you know it, you can also show it… stick it, carry it, drink from it!

Sugar, spice and everything… pink.

And finally, some pink things to make your day more, well, vegan. A bar of pink chocolate without any milk added, then some pink salt – vegan anyhow. And if you like animals, respect their rights, but sometimes cannot stand their smell, then here is the solution for you: pet perfume! With 100% natural ingredients of course. And not to forget: a pink scull candle, made of soy wax. What else would you need?


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