Spring is Coming

And with spring, the most awaited series of many of us in the realm is returning. But which GoT character’s return are you most looking forward to? For those of you who cannot wait any longer, here is a quick guide how to get in the mood until your favourite’s reappearance.

1. Arya

Some face masks can be deadly. Others are just good for your skin.

2. Bran

Every true Bran-fan needs a dreamcatcher. Featuring cool bird feathers, of course.


Show your support to the Mother of Dragons with a (harmless) dragon mask.

4. Tyrion

Pour some Dornish red into your goblet to celebrate the king of witty one-liners.

5. Cersei

A gorgeous dress is perfect to restore the former glory of the Queen Mother.

5. Jaime

Your Lannister rough charm will still be intact if you scrub away some unwanted cells.

7. Sansa

Enough is enough, go girl! Let your feminist pride flow freely.

8. Jon Snow

The ultimate question remains: (how) can Jon Snow come back to life? Maybe it’s time to consider some revitalizing drink?


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